Is CBD Legal in the UK?

CBD versus THC

CBD is a major compound found in the cannabis plant and has been an exciting area of medical research over the last few years.

Pure CBD is not a controlled substance, it is legal in the UK unlike its counterpart THC, which is the other major compound found in cannabis.

The UK’s CBD industry has grown considerably. It has well and truly brought the cannabis plant into the mainstream. CBD can now be found in all sorts of products whose consomption will not give you a euphoric “high”: oils, sweets, creams, buds (tea bags).  

Oils and extracts

CBD oils and other CBD extracts are legal as long as they contain less than 1 mg of THC per container.

What about CBD flowers?

CBD flower is a term generally used to outline the flowering tips of the Cannabis Sativa plant when these have high levels of CBD and low traces of THC. In the UK, cannabis (Cannabis Sativa) with less than 0,2% THC is defined by industrial hemp.

CBD flowers on are solely sourced from licensed industrial hemp farms that cultivate legally at <0.2% THC. They are sold for ornamental, decorative or souvenir purposes only.

Through local partnerships with growers mainly in Switzerland and Italy but also in France, Herborisia has been a specialist in CBD buds since 2015. Herborisia has developed in-house expertise to produce CBD hash and oils since 2019.