“Limoncello” CBD buds


Batch Number:11LOBA
CBD and THC Content:5.58%* (CBD+CBDA) ; 0.18%* (THC+THCA)
Intensity of aromas:■■■■■■■□□
Bud size:■■■■■■□□□ (Ø 1.5~2.5cm)
Amount of resin:■■■■■□□□
Manicure quality:■■■■■□□
Color:Light green / beige
Grown in ; Cultivation:Switzerland 🇨🇭 ; outdoor

* These rates are given for information only, as measured in the laboratory. The rates listed on the label of the sachets shipped correspond to the lots from which the flowers came.


  • 5g (£4.98/g)
  • 10g (£4.49/g)
  • 25g (£3.44/g)

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