The truth about CBD levels

What does nature say?

First of all, you should know that the plant biology of the cannabis plant is such that CBD levels and THC levels are always intimately correlated, regardless of the varieties of hemp (scientific name = Cannabis Sativa L.).

These rates, defined in the genotype and chemotype of each cannabis plant, respect three main classes:

  • a THC dominance,
  • a THC: CBD balance,
  • CBD dominance.

In any case and whatever their profiles, the THC: CBD ratios are totally correlated because they both emanate from the same CBGA molecule.

In addition, it is essential to understand that the varieties of cannabis which appear in the catalog authorized by the European Union are of the type: “Balanced THC: CBD”,
with a legal maximum THC level of only 0.2%, or 5 times less than in Switzerland (1% maximum THC content). On these authorized varieties, the genetically induced ratio between THC and CBD is around 1:30 (sometimes 1:40, but very rarely) ; this ratio of 1: 30 means that for a THC content, we find in the same plant 30 times more of the same CBD content.
Thus, for 1% of THC, it is then possible to obtain 30% of CBD; for 0.2% THC, this same THC / CBD ratio at 1:30 then implies a CBD content of 6%. This is why the probability of obtaining more than 6% of CBD is very low in Europe if we stay within the authorized limit of 0.2% in THC. 
8% CBD rate would imply for example a THC / CBD ratio of 1:40 (extremely rare!) AND a flower at the extreme limit in THC at 0.2%: you might as well specify that a flower with 8% CBD can statistically only be the exception, not the norm!

In conclusion, for a natural flower marketed in Europe, it is technically (in biological and agronomic terms) impossible to present CBD levels of 8% and above.

However, many competitors today offer flowers with very high CBD levels (> 15%). Understand that these rates are either deceptive or artificially inflated.

Why and how do some CBD shops deliberately cheat their customers?

The quality of the effects of consuming CBD does not depend on the high level of CBD but rather on the balance between the different cannabinoids and terpenes, and, finally, on how these cannabinoids and terpenes are achieved. A flower without much organoleptic interest and artificially damaged to be boosted to 15% CBD will not provide the same benefits as a flower well balanced in cannabinoids (THC, CBG, CBC, CBN …), in terpenes, and pulling to 7% CBD.
It is the interplay of all cannabibnoids and terpenes that together provide the greatest benefit. The optimal being of course a natural profile without addition or transformation.

However, the majority of consumers of CBD flowers still believe, wrongly, that the higher the level of CBD, the better the quality of the effects!

Based on this mistaken belief on the part of consumers, unscrupulous merchants attempt to mislead their customers with outrageous CBD levels. They do this in a number of ways:

  1. By lying about CBD levels. Even if it means lying, these merchants do not hesitate and generally display totally fanciful CBD rates (> 15%).

  2. By offering treated flowers (adding CBD isolate in the form of a spray, for example), without knowledge or mastery of the processes, without warning their customers about the origins, techniques and transformations of these flowers.

  3. By lying about THC levels (higher than the legal limit advertised) and therefore keeping a high CBD rate. This method slips you as an illegal consumer into possession of substances classified as narcotic.

In summary, when the origin or transformation of high CBD flowers is not specified and transparently explained by a merchant, we urge you to be very careful. The likelihood that you unwittingly buy a falsified, tampered with or illegal product is great!

What about Herborisia in all of this?

At Herborisia, we are committed to the transparency and traceability of our products.

We do not offer any product whose origins and / or processing we do not fully understand. We always favor prudence, advocate information and respect for natural conditions.

In the Natural Flowers section, you will only find balanced natural products.

In the Transformed Flowers section, you will find products that have undergone an optimization mastered by us and fully documented.